Luna Xpert Whitening Soap 100g Original Pakistan [Ready Stock]


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Sabun Mencerah Wajah, Mengecutkan Jerawat, Memudarkan Jeragat & Parut di Kulit Wajah serta Badan.

Cleanse Deeply for Embedded dust / Dirt Particles from your Skin. It also helps to Lighten the Skin Pigmentation, Acne and Age Spots


Luna Xpert™ Whitening Soap

1. Merupakan Agen Pemutih Semulajadi Yang Membantu Membersihkan Kotoran Daripada Kulit.

2. Ia Juga Membantu Memudarkan Pigmentasi Pada Kulit,

3. Membantu Mengeringkan Jerawat Dan Memudarkan Bintik Penuaan.

4. Menyamaratakan Tona Kulit Dan Menyingkirkan Sel Kulit Mati Dan Rosak.

* Sangat Sesuai Untuk Kulit Berminyak Dan Jerawat..


Skin whitening soap is the foundation of any good skin lightening regimen. To ensure that everyone is able to include this essential step in their daily skincare routines, we proudly offer LUNA XPERT skin whitening soap with different strengths and benifits to suit different skin types.

LUNA XPERT skin whitening soap is proven to effectively treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne scars, and melasma.

With regular use, you will start seeing results in a matter of days. People all over the world are amazed and have become our life long fans to see the remarkable results after using our skin whitening soap.

But the question that many ask is what makes our soap so special. In addition to achieving skin tone results, many have reported healthier, softer and clearer skin.

Luna Xpert™ Whitening Soap cleanses the deeply embedded dust / dirt particles from your skin. It also helps to lighten the skin pigmentation, acne and age spots.

It provides you with an even skin tone and helps exfoliates dead and damaged skin cells.

– Cleanse The Deeply Embedded Dust / Dirt Particles From Your Skin.

– It Also Helps To Lighten The Skin Pigmentation, Acne And Age Spots.

It Provides You With An Even Skin Tone And Helps Exfoliates Dead And Damaged Skin Cells.

Directions Of Use:

Lather The Soap And Apply To Your Skin. Gently Massage Onto Your Skin For 30 Seconds And Rinse Thoroughly With Water. For Better Result, Use Twice A Day (Morning And Night).


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