Luna Xpert Pimples Set [Ready Stock]

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Pimples Set

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Deluxe Cream

Luna Xpert Whitnening Soap

Luna Xpert Facial Wash Cleanser


Whitening Soap

Sabun Mencerah Wajah, Mengecutkan Jerawat, Memudarkan Jeragat & Parut di Kulit Wajah serta Badan.

Cleanse Deeply for Embedded dust / Dirt Particles from your Skin. It also helps to Lighten the Skin Pigmentation, Acne and Age Spots

Deluxe Cream

Krim Muka Menghilangkan Jerawat, Jeragat, Bintik Hitam dan Kulit Kusam.
Anti Penuaan, Melembut dan Mengebukan Serta Mencerahkan Wajah.

Eliminate Acne, Pimples, Black Spot and Dead Skin.
Anti-Aging and Softening as well as Brightening Face.

Facial Cleanser

Membersih & Melincinkan Wajah agar Kulit Segar dan Bersih.

Kulit lebih Lembut, Halus, Cerah & Gebu.

Smoothen, Purifies for Super Clean & Healthy Skin.

Skin feels Smooth, Supple & Bright.



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