Deluxe Whitening Cream 50ml Original Pakistan – Deluxe Cream [Ready Stock]

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KKM : NOT200603272K

Free Postage/Percuma Poslaju

Menghilangkan Jerawat, Jeragat, Bintik Hitam dan Kulit Kusam.
Anti Penuaan, Melembut dan Mengebukan Serta Mencerahkan Wajah.

Eliminate Acne, Pimples, Black Spot and Dead Skin.
Anti-Aging and Softening as well as Brightening Face.



Bukan sahaja menutup cela malah membantu menghilangkan JERAGAT, JERAWAT di wajah anda dan membuat kulit anda lebih bermaya dan sihat.


Cream ini sangat membantu

– Mencerahkan Kulit

– Menghilangkan Jeragat, Jerawat, Garis-garis halus di muka

– Menghilangkan Cela

– Lembut dan Gebukan Kulit Wajah

– Satu Cream ini boleh digunakan siang dan malam

– Sesuai untuk semua jenis masalah kulit.

DELUXE BEAUTY CREAM paling laris di pasaran Malaysia sekarang.


Deluxe Beauty Ultra Lightening cream gives your skin the best moisturizing and repairing effect.

It helps revive skin clarity and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

It helps remove blemishes, leaving skin rejuvenate and radiant.

This rich melt-in whitening cream can be applied twice a day to deliver clarity, hydration and well being of skin.

The appearance of flawless complexion and clear skin is preserved.

1- 3 days: Moisturizing Effect

4 – 5 days: Smoothing Effect

6 – 8 days: Spots Removal

In 14 days: Whitening Effect


– Revive skin

– Brightens your skin

– Treat Pimples

– Treat pigmentation

– Reduce skin discoloration and brown spots

– Smoothen and tightening skin while reducing visible wrinkles

Direction of use:

Rinse and clean the skin with water and pat dry. Apply Deluxe Beauty Ultra Lightening Cream at desired areas.

It is best to use your fingertips to apply the cream and massage gently in a circular motion. Our Creams are all original and made in Pakistan.


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